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Troubleshooting Tips:

Firewall Programs: These programs are becoming more popular and are usefull tools to prevent unwanted access to your computer. However, certain features such as the referrer feature, may prevent the web-store from working correctly. The referrer feature masks your actions as you surf the web. It prevents the website you are currently viewing from seeing where you just came from. This may cause problems with our web-store, because the shopping cart must be able to track you, and distinguish you from other shoppers. If you recieve the following error message, disable the referrer feature while you are making your order. is the accepted referrer.
is not a valid referrer
Refering Site Authentication Failed!

Cookies: Cookies must be enabled in your browser for the shopping cart to function properly. Your cart information is stored locally on your computer as you add items. This is useful if you loose you connection, or if you want to come back and complete your order at a later time. After logging back in, your shopping cart will appear just as you left it, even if your computer has been restarted.

If you experience other problems that the troubleshooting tips did not solve, please call us at (770) 725-9401 or email us at

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